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APC Maintenance monthly Membership fees:

EMPTY LOT:   500 pesos per month

(800 sq meters and less, if larger consider double lot or 1000 pesos)

CONDOMINIUM:  400 pesos + the square meters of your condo x 4

(So for example if you have a 60 sq meter condo, 10.5 sq ft = 1 sq. meter. Your Monthly Membership fee would be 400 base + 240 which is 60 meters x 4 for a total of $ 640 pesos per month.)

HOUSE-BUILDING:  700 pesos base rate + plus the sq. meters of the house x 4

(So for example if your home is 100 sq. meters x  4 = 400 plus the base rate of 700 = $ 1,100.00 pesos per month).

BUSINESS 500 pesos per month minimum up to 3000 pesos per month, as negotiated with the business.


What do your dues pay for?

The APC Maintenance Company had a total income of  3.5 million pesos:  $ 3,500,000.00  in 2014.

The largest expense was the 12 full time security guards, wages, vacation, health insurance and other expenses total up to almost 2 million pesos …$ 2,000,000.00 in 2014 (Security guards total expense plus gasoline and support is over 60% or our total budget).

The other 40% of the budget is eaten up paying office salaries, green area grass cutting, (3 employees cutting vacant lots at all times), and roadside grass, street repairs, telephone, and all other associated expenses.

The APC maintenance company ended 2014 with a very slim profit ***
As well as a dollar reserve of over $ 20,000.00 which represents the accrued liquidation expense of all employees combined to date.


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