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Role of the Security Committee in Costambar


Prior to 2010, Sandro Falla (head of Security) went around the community and pan handled donations from where he could, 500 pesos here, 1000 over there. This money was spent helping the National Police with gasoline, moto repairs and the like.
This was the start of the Security Committee.

The Committee is working under the umbrella of APC, and its purpose is to raise money for all sorts of equipment and uniforms for the Security – in other words, all the things needed to uphold a functioning Security Force. The APC pays all wages, liquidations and insurances related to the employment of the Security Force, and the Security Committee do their best to raise money for everything else. For that reason, you have to pay your APC fee to be covered by Security. There would simply not be any Security without the APC. The cost of insurance, and social security, health insurance, and gasoline for all of the guards amounts to over 1.5 million pesos per year  ($ 1,500,000.00)

With the help of the APC the Security Committe purchased a radio system, base station, repeater, antennas, 5 meter hand held radios. These radios are being sold to members to keep in their homes or take with them for the ourpose of alerting Security super quick. The radio holders also serve as extra ears and eyes in the community. This system is available against a fee – please contact Jack Cameron for further information.

In 2014, some members got the idea to get Corporate Sponsors, who give a 5% discount to Security Committee ID Card Holders. To obtain  Security Committee ID card you have to donate no less than 7,200 pesos at one time for the calender year.

These Corporate sponsors include: Jenny’s Market, Los Tropicos Costambar Pharmacy, Feriteria Costambar, Paul’s Catamaran on the Beach, Sole Mio Pizzeria,  Papillon, and  Villa Jazmin. These businesses are still eligible to pay APC business dues. The discount of 5% that they provide is a donation to the Committee and Costambar, this does not substitute paying their APC fees.

So the Security Committee helps. We fill a void and provide what the APC – at this moment in time – cannot financially swing. But the APC spends over 60% of their entire budget on providing 24 hour security for Costambar!


Costambar Front gate entrance


costambar-security2The Security Committee will continue to raise money to help enhance and improve Security in Costambar. In 2014, we purchased a brand new 13 camera  security system for the front gate, and for the busy Jenny’s market corridor. We will provide more radios and replace old ones, purchase more uniforms, as when you wear them every day, they wear out! Guards need new boots every year. We need better night lighting at the entry way, we need a lap top computer to build a data base of criminals, we need speakers for the base station, we need some new signs, we need hats, and rain gear, we need more hand cuffs and batons. We would like to purchase 1 more shotgun. So Security in Costambar needs a lot of extra support, and the Security Committee tries to provide some of that.


If you are interested in helping us and joining the Security Committee  please Contact Jack Cameron by email to 

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