Project Administration

The Project Manager for APC Costambar is Sra. Bethania Almonte Tejada.

The Project Manager serves at the pleasure of the APC Board of Directors, who are elected to 2 year terms on even years in early February.
The administrator attends board meetings, handles bookkeeping, maintains minutes and communication of the board, maintains office hours 6 days a week, answers questions from the community as a whole, maintains a data base of residents, helps committee’s, and many other important functions.

She maintains the APC office, supervises employees,  and is the “go to person” in the community when there are issues. Betania has held this position for more than 10 vyears and is the “face” of administration in Costambar.

You may contact Costambar Project Administration by email or office phone 809-970-7877.

How can we help you?

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Office Telephone:
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