2022-2024 APC BOARD

Jorge Fernandez

Jorge Fernandez – President

Citizen of the Dominican Republic; Extensive experience in managing businesses with direct impact in Costambar, and Puerto Plata; Extensive experience in dealing with local and national government departments; Resident of Costambar for many years, with a passion to improve all aspects of life in our community. jorge_fernandez@yahoo.com;


Jack Cameron

Jack Cameron – Vice-President

Naturalized Dominican Citizen since 2012; 1st Vice President 2010-2012 APC Board; Co-Founder/Chairman of the Security Committee Costambar; Unity Slate Member 2012; APC Board 2014 Security / Acting Treasurer final 9 months; Business owner , self employed since 1986 -Developer Seahorse Condos; jackflor@aol.com;


Alan Smith

Alan Smith – Secretary

Retired Canadian real estate lawyer/attorney; Experience in organizing non-profit and small business corporations; Permanent resident of the Dominican Republic since March, 2019, with a cedula; Working with the Costambar Security Committee since 2019; fenalet@yahoo.ca;


Sandro Falla

Sandro Falla – Vocal

APC BOARD 2008-2010; APC BOARD 2010-2012 2ND VICE PRESIDENT; APC BOARD 2012-2014; APC BOARD 2014-2016 ; APC BOARD 2016-2018 ; APC BOARD 2018-2019; CO-FOUNDER SECURITY COMMITEE 2009; GOLD / JEWELERY BROKER NEW YORK CITY; sandrofalla@aol.com;


Cari Sherman-Smith

Fanny Mendez – Treasurer





Cari Sherman-Smith

Cari Sherman-Smith – Vocal

Retired Canadian legal secretary; Permanent resident of the Dominican Republic since March, 2019, with a cedula; Vocal on APC Board since 2020; drmmagirl@gmail.com




Cari Sherman-Smith

Roger Santana – Vocal





Bethania Almonte – Coordinadora

A 2003 graduate in Public Accounting from the Universidad Tecnologica de Santiago (UTESA). Started working for the Association of Proprietors of Costambar as Administrator and Project Manager in 2004. As such, she carries out the directives of the APC Board of Directors, for the benefit of the community.

Bethania Almonte, egresada de la Universidad Tecnologica de Santiago (UTESA) en la carrera de Contabilidad Publica en el 2003. En el 2004, ingresa a formar parte de la familia de la Asociacion de Propietarios de Costambar y desde entonces, ha llevado a cabo las funciones de Gerente y Administradora del projecto, ejecutando ordenes y directrices fijadas por la Junta Directiva, en favor de la comunidad. Phone: 809-970-7877 Email: apcmaintenance@yahoo.com

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Past Periods/Members

Period  Members 
 2016-2018 Jane Krogh
Luis Brugal
Sandro Falla

Stanley Bobyk – President
Don Docker – Vice Pres
Stephanie Kluke – Treasurer
Claudia Docker
Jack Cameron
Sandro Falla
Rafael Beliard – Secretary
Pierrette Venne – Vocal
Lois Grau – Vocal 

 2012 – 2014  
 2010-2012 Yash Hagarwal President
Jack Cameron – 1st Vice Pres
Sandro Falla – 2nd Vice President
Rafael Beliard – Secretary
 2008-2010 Jose Polanco – President
Donald Docker – 1st Vice President
Hector Luis Rodriguez – 2nd Vice President
Ann Walsh Secretary
Ron Moran – Treasurer
Ricardo Catena – vocal
Sandro Falla – vocal
Anna Evangelista – Vocal 
Yash Aggarwal – vocal
Ingrid Koolbergen – vocal
 2006-2008 Liana Swerdlin – President
Dierk Pfeiffer – Vice President
Jose Polanco – 2nd Vice President
Anette Nielsen – Treasurer
Luciano Amadeo – Vocal
Ricardo Catena – Vocal
Joseph Geczi – Vocal 
Joseph Kruchten Vocal
2002-2004  Mark Gill – President
Dieter Klapperich – 1st Vice President
Diomedes Reyes – 2nd Vice President
Paolo Costa – Treasurer
Liana Swerdlin – Secretary
Camilo Brugal – Vocal
Marilyn Putnam – Vocal
Lucianno Condutti – Vocal
Terry Adderley – Vocal
2000-2002  Mark Gill – President
Diomedes Reyes – Vice President
Paolo Costa – Treasurer
Liana Swerdlin – Secretary  
1998-2000  Donald Docker – President
Ralph Basile – 1st Vice President
Marina Grisolia – 2nd Vice President
Jorg Ruhmann – Secretary
Terry Musgrove – Treasurer
Robert Harrison – vocal
Gordon Badger – vocal
Antonia Galtorusso – vocal
Maria Brunn – vocal  
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