Costambar Security

There are those that live in Costambar that think, why do we need APC Security?

We need to look no further than the entry road of Costambar across from the entrance to El Javillar.

Last year squatters invaded the land, and started building houses. Quite a few houses got started and lots and building sites got plotted out.

Finally the Governor of Puerto Plata province put an end to it by ordering the squatters removed and a wall built. (which was even knocked down by protesters and the National Police had to be brought in to insure order and allow the wall to be built). Without Security in Costambar, this would happen in the vacant lot next to your house !!!!!  Yes nest to your house!

APC Security stops construction vehicles and supervises the construction gate, that allows large trucks of materials etc. into Costambar. The APC requires that new construction show a permit obtained at City Hall, and also requires that new construction register their workers and receive entry passes.  Also the APC issues a “no objection letter” once we ascertain that the construction is legal, permits and plans have been approved and workers are registered for entry and exit.

This is just one of many ways that APC Security keeps Costambar safe.

APC Security dispatches the local police patrol through a radio system and repeater located right here in Costambar, on top of the highest hill. APC Security responds to all requests of help through their land line at  809-970-7015  which is answered 24 hours a day.

Later in the evening APC Security shuts down 1/2 of the entry and closely monitors all cars or truck entering Costambar. Also everything is being recorded on a new camera system at the entry and also at the very busy Jenny Market area.

APC Security stops trucks with loud speakers trying to enter Costambar to advertise and noise pollute.  We also stop suspicious vehicles day or night, that cannot answer where they are going or what they are going to do. If they just say, they are going to the beach we have to let them in during the day up until beach closing time, but at midnight, “going to the beach” and no, we will not allow them to enter Costambar, cause trouble or steal things.

The Security Committee in 2014 had 42 members that donated almost $ 600,000 pesos towards uniforms, boots, batons, hand cuffs, rain gear, hats, a camera system, gun boxes, benches, xmas gifts, replacement of all old entry signs, jeep repair, motorcycle repairs and other important items related to security.

APC Security in tandem with the National Police arrest or detain an average of 2 people per day in Costambar, without them that would mean over 700 crimes not stopped or not solved a year !!

The APC pays almost $ 2,000,000.00  !!  yes that is 2 million pesos a year for wages for 12 guards, health insurance, social security, vacation, liquidation and all employee expenses, as well as gasoline for all Security vehicles and the APC has the licenses and owns the shot guns. It takes a lot of money to provide Security for Costambar 24 hours a day 365 days a year, and most residents sleep much better at night knowing APC Security is on the job.

The residents of Costambar should support the APC and Security as we believe it is the most important service the APC provides and every single person in Costambar benefits. If you are not a member stop at the APC office today and visit with Bethania about a membership 8:30-12:00  2:00-5:00 M-F  & 9:00-12:00 Saturday,  your help is needed, and will be appreciated by all!

If you have any questions about Costambar Security please email

Costambar Uniformed Security

APC Costambar Uniformed Security Responsibilities:

1) Man and supervise the Entry/Exit to Costambar 24 hours per day 365 days per year. 2) Provide an armed presence as a deterrent to potential wrong doers. 3) Answer emergency calls at 809-970-7015 and radio calls on the 25 hand held radio network in Costambar. . . . . Read more

Costambar Security Committee

History of and role of the Security Committee in Costambar

Prior to 2010, Sandro Falla went around the community and pan handled donations from where he could, 500 pesos here, 1000 over there. Sandro used this money to help the National Police with gasoline, moto repairs and the like. . . . . Read more