APC Membership Rates & Application Form


APC Maintenance monthly Membership fees:

EMPTY LOT:   550 pesos per month

(800 m2 or less, if larger 1,100 pesos)

CONDOMINIUM:  400 pesos + the m2 of your condo x 5.07

(So for example if you have a 60 m2 condo. Your Monthly Membership fee would be 400 base + 304.2 which is 60 meters x 5.07 for a total of $704 pesos per month.)

HOUSE-BUILDING: 700 pesos base rate + plus the m2 of the house x 5.07

(So for example if your home is 100 m2 x  5.07 = 507 plus the base rate of 700 = $ 1,207 pesos per month).

BUSINESS 500 pesos per month minimum up to 3000 pesos per month. Depending on the size of the business.


What do your dues pay for?

The APC Maintenance Company had a total income of $3,400,000.00 in 2019.

The staff at the gate was by far the largest expense with $2,500,000 pesos for wages, vacation, health insurance and other expenses. In total almost 75% of our total income.

In 2018 we laid off our maintenance staff due to lack of funds, so now maintenance is being done on a project basis, so we do not actually have maintenance staff of our own. This saves money, but it also leaves the project with less maintenance than we wish.


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