Animal well being and control

The APC is looking to partner with various animal preservation organizations in Costambar, to: 1) promote health and reproduction control of dogs and cats in Costambar. 2) Enforce existing regulations concerning, horses, cows, goats, and chickens, that are prohibited in Costambar…

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Costambar Beautification

One of the services, we are hoping to expand and provide is: Beautification of Costambar. A “Garden Club ” if you will.

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Project Administration

The ” Costambar Project ” is administered by our project administrator Bethania Almonte Tejada. She maintains the APC office, supervises employees, and is the original “go to person” in the community when there are issues.

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Liaison to City Hall – Cora Plata and Ede Norte

The APC has made a practice of meeting with city officials and officials of various agencies and companies that provide service to Costambar.

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Costambar Clean up Projects

The Board has spearheaded and participated in several Costambar Clean up projects. Last March, a Saturday beach clean up netted some 50 bags of rubbish! The APC participated in some other beach cleaning efforts, and has other future project plans.

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Abandoned Pool Treatment

In early 2014 Board Secretary Rafael Belliard conducted a Google Earth Satellite survey of all the pools in Costambar. That survey concluded there are approximately 85 pools in Costambar with about 1/3 of them (almost 30 pools) are bad and not maintained!With Dengue, Malaria and Chikungunya prevalent in the DR, Doctor Belliard felt we needed to act.

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Fumigation for Mosquitoes

Quickly after the 2014 board took office in February, Dr. Raf. Belliard, Secretary informed the board about the upcoming danger of Chikungunya. It was decided to approach the department of health in Puerto Plata about fumigating in Costambar.

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Road Repair

On or about 2010, in Costambar the CRIC was formed (Costambar Road Improvement Committee). The committee members worked hard, had fund raisers, collected and solicited funds, and Manleo DelDegan and Andy Brosma, were the Superintendents that oversaw much of the road repairs.

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APC maintenance

Costambar lot cutting and cleaning. The former board made a good job in many ways, among others – selling the old garbage truck and stake bed truck to make it possible to buy a DR brush cutter.

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Costambar Security

Maintaining a professional security force is an expensive proposition and beyond the budget of the Costambar organization owners, commonly known as APC.

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