Abandoned Pool Treatment

In early 2014 Board Secretary Rafael Belliard conducted a Google Earth Satellite survey of all the pools in Costambar. That survey concluded there are approximately 85 pools in Costambar with about 1/3 of them (almost 30 pools) are bad and not maintained!With Dengue, Malaria and Chikungunya prevalent in the DR,  Doctor Belliard felt we needed to act!

A number of board members joined him in a meeting with the Health Department in Puerto Plata and obtained larvicide, in small bags to throw into the pools this has now been done 2 times. However, we need a group that will take the bull by the horns, develop a route and treat all of these pools every month.Although we can obtain some larvicide from the city, we need to raise funds and have our own.

So we need a old pool baby sitting group that will larvicide bomb these 30 pools every month.

We are open to ideas, and would like to form a group and some that live here year round to get this important health crisis, caused by these abandoned pools, brought under control with APC Abandoned Pool Treatment service.

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