Costambar Uniformed Security


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APC Costambar Uniformed Security Responsibilities:

  • Man and supervise the Entry/Exit to Costambar 24 hours per day 365 days per year.
  • Provide an armed presence as a deterrent to potential wrong doers.
  • Answer emergency calls at 809-970-7015 and radio calls on the 25 hand held radio network in Costambar.
  • Communicate and supervise the National Police patrol in Costambar.
  • Summon assistance from the National Police, the Fire Department and Ambulance or emergency services as required.
  • Stop those that have no business in Costambar. (anybody saying they are going to the beach have to be allowed by Dominican Law, however,  6 men in a car late at night, that do not know where they are going and appear to have no defined purposed entering Costambar at 12 midnight are stopped).
  • Man, when available, lock and unlock the green construction gate, to allow dump trucks or oversize vehicles inside Costambar.
  • Patrol the streets of Costambar with the 2 motorcycles we have or the APC Security jeepeta.
  • Answer calls for assistance or emergency calls for Security Help throughout Costambar.
  • Report water breaks to the APC office, help fumigation trucks fumigate, help visitors find their destinations.
  • Hold prisoners in the small prison, as they await transport to the police station and assist the Police with arrests as needed.
  • Keep a daily record of arrests and events.
  • Meet monthly with APC civilian supervisors in an effort to improve security in Costambar and re-enforce policies and standards.
  • Require that trucks leaving with items or box trucks be inspected , and if items are being transported a letter of permission must be submitted to security at the entry, and surrender this permission slip.  (these are then kept on file at the APC office)


APC Costambar Security

The APC  employs  over 10 Uniformed and Trained Security guards to protect all residents of Costambar.

Costambar Uniformed Security never sleeps!  The APC maintains a uniformed security force that protects the project 24 hours a day and 365 days a year!

The APC Security, monitors the main entry to Costambar, and stops, motor conchos who are not on our “trusted list”, because in the past, motor conchos from Puerto Plata have been involved in thefts and other crimes.

The APC Security stops any suspicious looking characters, inspect cars or trucks that raise suspicion, stop people that have “no business” in Costambar. (going to the beach is an exception, and allowed by Dominican Law, however, if 2 single males are walking into the project, and  we ask where are you going, and they have no answer, they may not be allowed in. (if they answer the beach, they are allowed as that is the law).

The APC also stops trucks with loud speakers,  have you ever notices there are none in Costambar? Why? Because we stop them, every day! We also stop vendors that are not licensed, and cars later in the evening, who again, cannot answer where they are going. If they are just coming into Costambar to look for an opportunity to steal something, we try to detect that and stop them.  If they say we are going to this bar or going to visit this person we have to let them in.

APC Security also inspects all larger trucks that are leaving Costambar. They must stop and open their vehicle for inspection. If furniture or other items are on board, they need a permission slip from the APC office or signed and stamped permission letter from the owner or former owner of the goods that we take and mark the date and time.

APC Security patrols the project with 2 motor cycles we own, and with a Jeepeta dedicated to security.

APC Costambar Security

APC Security works and directs the National Police Patrol that is in Costambar every day.

APC Security coordinates emergency response:  When there is a fire, or medical emergency, or other emergency APC Security coordinates the response with the Ambulance, Fire Department or other emergency agency as required.

APC Security and the National Police, arrest or detain and average of 2 individuals per day. PER DAY!! For infractions like drugs, transporting stolen goods, fighting, loud music, trouble making, drunkenness, theft, suspicious behavior, trespassing and the like.

APC Security owns and operates a 30+ radio network and repeater for communications in the project. Working in conjunction with the Security Committee, the APC has deputized more than 20 private security guards throughout the project who are the “extra” eyes and ears of Security throughout the project. Having these extra deputized security guards have been invaluable in increasing safety throughout the community day and night!

APC Security does not come cheap!!!!  Each guard we employ costs the APC and its members $160,000 pesos per year. How? Wages, health insurance, social security, vacation, xmas pay, etc. it all adds up very fast.

APC Security is the item that costs the most and is the most important for Costambar. The APC invests almost 2 million pesos per year into security for the community.

We want to do more, we would like to employ more guards, have more patrols, provide more of a presence throughout Costambar. But, that is going to take more money. We need more members, we need people that are not paying their maintenance, to go to the APC office and start paying.

Security is not free in Costambar, it is the most expensive service the APC provides to the community.

We want to improve it, and expand it, but we can only do this with your help! Everybody wants to be safe on the street and in their homes in Costambar. We can only provide this safety with the help of the community as a whole.

So please help us and help yourselves. If you are not paying APC maintenance, please stop at the office today and ask how you can become a member, and by doing so help Costambar.

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